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~ LeafGreenery ONE ~

Artificial Leaf for Interior Decoration, Renovation & Event

Product Description

LeafGreenery ONE Artificial Leaf is a leaf branch decoration which will make a great naturalistic look for creating a natural environment. The artificial leaf branch is 58cm length by 43cm width with a natural shade of green which is a perfect item to create a tropical green leaf indoor or semi-outdoor decoration concept. It can be creatively decorated as a beautiful natural green leaf wall hanging, arranged as a leaf branch hanging from the ceiling to create a garden concept, attach the leaves onto a wooden branch to create a decorative tree or display the leaves attractively as decoration for product showcase.

These natural looking artificial leaf branches are great for decorating the feature wall at the entrance of shops and offices, creation of a mini indoor garden at the reception area of buildings and condominiums, or a rustic garden concept which is popular for cozy naturalistic modern cafes and restaurants. Naturalistic themes and concepts can also be incorporated for event ideas using artificial leaf branches. Artificial leaf branches is also a wonderful decoration item for artistic home decor and modern interior design, creative decorations such as artificial trees and branches can be assembled using artificial leaf branches to make fantastic greenery decors for our living spaces.

Whether you are an interior designer who has a naturalistic concept or idea, a business owner who wishes to create a garden concept for your shop, an event organizer who plans an eco-green theme or a house owner who wish to create some natural looking DIY concept for your home, LeafGreenery ONE Artificial Leaf decoration may be suitable for your requirement!

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