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Hippers Original ~ Malaysia Supplier – Artificial Lavender Flower for Interior Decoration & Event

Artificial Lavender Flower For Interior Decoration & Event

Product Description

Artificial Lavender Flower is a beautiful decoration item with a lovely purple hue that is ideal for attractive interior decoration ideas and charming event themes. The artificial lavender flower with a 33cm height stature and spring green leaf is great for creating many wonderful indoor decoration ideas. The beautiful purple colour of our decorative artificial lavender emanates an ambience of cheerful feeling and a happy place!

Living spaces, offices, study rooms, recreation areas and showrooms can be enhanced with a cozy natural ambience with a little decoration of artificial lavender. The artificial flower is great for display for indoor gardens where live plants do not strive well, creative landscaping ideas with artificial lavender flowers can create beautiful scenic decorations that will enliven the overall environment and ambience. Entrances and walkways can be decorated with these pretty purple lavender flowers which would be a warm and welcoming sight awaiting to greet guests and visitors. Such great ideas can be incorporated into the interior design of home décor, apartments, condominiums, resorts, hotels, clubs, cafes, restaurants, offices, showrooms, shopping complexes and other place of interest.

These lovely artificial lavender flowers are also ideal for events and product showcase. From weddings to product launching and other special events such as fashion shows, artificial lavender flowers will definitely brighten and liven up the occasion with the cheerful natural purple of lavender. Artificial lavender flowers is also a great accompaniment for marketing fragrant and beauty products such as aromatherapy, essential oil, perfume, fragrance, scent, soap, herbal products and other special products. These decorative lavender flowers are great for decoration at spas, beauty centers, yoga studios, boutiques, fashion house and other business places which require lavender flowers to create an aura of relaxation and calmness. Lavender flowers are also ideal as gifts and floral bouquets.

Whether you are an event organizer who wants to create a special purple concept for your event, a brand and marketing manager who require lavender in your product promotional activities, a business owner who wish to decorate your shop or showroom, a wedding organizer who wish to create a lavender wedding theme or just a home owner who wish to look for some lavender flowers to decorate your house, we have artificial lavender flower decoration that may be suitable for your requirement!

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